Physical Exams

Colleyville Animal Clinic’s comprehensive annual exams include checking overall health by taking temperature, examining skin and coat, lung and cardiac function, internal health, oral hygiene, eyes, ears, and demeanor.

During the exam, your veterinarian can also make recommendations about a wellness plan including vaccinations, testing and nutrition as well as address any behavior or health questions you may have about your pet.

While dogs tend to tolerate—and even enjoy—the attention of a physical exam, we know that many cats do not. In fact, cats are significantly less likely to see the vet because they dislike it so much it’s a hassle for their owners. Here are few suggestions to help make vet visits less stressful for your feline friend:

• Take short practice car rides before the actual appointment, so they’re more familiar with the ride.

• Get your cat used to being handled and picked up with gentle head-to-tail holding, petting and touching.

• Leave the carrier out and open at home for your cat to smell and investigate. Try putting a favorite blanket or bed inside.

• Use pheromone sprays such as Feliway inside the carrier and on bedding.

• Put a towel over the carrier before going inside the vet clinic.

For more information or to schedule your pet for an exam, call us at 817-281-3449.