Kennel Technician

Rachel G / Kennel Technician

I grew up in a military family, so I’ve moved all over the US my whole life. I’ve loved animals my entire life, and have always wanted to become a veterinarian. I’m currently studying pre-veterinary biology at UNT, and hope to attend vet school in a few years

My dog Marley was a patient at Colleyville Animal Clinic for several years before I became a member of the staff in 2018! Marley is a pointer mix that was adopted from a local shelter. He’s a very nervous dog who makes chomping noises, and sticks out his tongue a bit when he’s happy.

In my free time I love to take Marley for walks, do yoga, read, and watch TV & movies.

Morgan B / Kennel Technician

I was born & raised in Grapevine, and have wanted to be a vet since I was a kid. While attending Grapevine High School, I took a veterinary shadowing class to earn my Certified Veterinary Assistant Level I certification. I had to choose a participating vet clinic in our area for my internship, and I chose CAC because I loved the atmosphere! I am currently attending Oklahoma State University for a Bachelor’s in Science to pursue vet school.

I have 4 pets: a 12 year old German Shepherd named Maggie, two 10 year old kitty siblings named Adora & Fluff, and a 20 year old cat named Mr. Bitty!

During free time, I love to hang out with my friends, watch movies, and volunteer at horse therapy ranches.

DeNina S / Kennel Technician

I grew up in Mesquite & Louisiana. I discovered my love for animals in the 3rd grade, and became an employee at CAC in September ’18. I am currently attending Cedar Valley College.

I have 3 pets. Drax, my pitbull, likes to try to fit in places that are too small. Bella is a chiweenie who likes to lay in potted plants and whittle wood. My Holland Lop, Harvey, likes to get attention by sitting on his dirty bedding when I’m cleaning his cage.

In my free time I like to fish, read, binge watch Netflix shows, spend time with family and friends, and sleep.

Anna V / Kennel Technician Supervisor

I was born in Kansas City, MO, but have lived in Texas for most of my life. I have dual citizenship – in the US and in Mexico!

I attended a small college in TN where I played soccer! Animal care wasn’t on my radar until I began working at the Humane Society after graduating, and I’ve loved it ever since!

I have 3 retriever mixes: Ella, Zed, and Lucy! All three are rescues, and Lucy is a recent “foster failure”. J All three are a shade of light brown/gold, and I call them my blondies!

In my free time I like to exercise and play soccer. When I want to relax, I prefer drawing and painting.

Glenn R / Kennel Technician

I grew up in Puerto Rico, and discovered my love of animals when I was a kid, spending time on my Grandpa’s farm filled with different animals.

I have 3 dogs: Luna, a super crazy Yorkie who got her middle name of “Valentina” from her Valentine’s Day adoption date; Hershey, a Yorkie we adopted while in Puerto Rico; and Sophie, a sneaky dare-devil Yorkie who enjoys running out the front door if we leave it open too long. I also have a turtle named Michelangelo.

In my free time, I enjoy playing video games and hanging out with my girlfriend.

Victoria W / Kennel Technician

I grew up in Grapevine, and have always loved animals. My first job was a kennel tech position, and this concreted my decision to stay in the animal care field. I was in search of a place/job I belonged when CAC contacted me about their job opening. I was hired in 2018, and have found a place where I can be long term!

I have 2 dogs: a 1 year old GSD with a calm and quiet spirit named Artemis, who is always there to support me with my depression; and a 3 year old Yorkie named Raven, who has a loving personality full of attitude!

I love to stay active by taking walks at the lake, bike riding, going to the gym, driving, and going to concerts.

Melissa W / Kennel Technician

I grew up in Fort Worth. I’ve loved animals since I was a kid, and grew up with dogs. I volunteered at animal shelters while attending Texas A&M, and worked at Humane Society of North Texas for awhile, before deciding to look for a position at an animal clinic. I started @ CAC in April of ’17, and am currently attending Cedar Valley College to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician.

I have 2 dogs: Rylie, a 4 year old mix adopted from HSNT who loves to cuddle; and Luke, and 16 year old who’s named after Luke Skywalker.

I spend my free time reading, watching Netflix, hanging out with friends, and studying.