Front Office Manager

Erica H / Front Office Manager

I was born and raised in central Arkansas. My first “real” job was at a vet clinic, and I fell in love with the animal care field during my 18 months of employment there. When I had to relocate after marrying a TX boy, I knew I wanted to stay in the same field! I started working @ CAC in March of ’09, and have loved being a member of a fantastic health care team and continuously learning more about the field every day!

I’m the proud cat mommy to Olive, Kingsley, and Puddleglum. They spend their days shedding on mommy’s favorite couch, sitting on remotes at the most inconvenient times, and head-bumping mommy’s phone when it’s receiving more attention than they are.

I love reading, crocheting, crafting, knitting, and traveling as much as possible with best friend (and husband) Dan.