Glenn R / Kennel Technician

Glenn R / Kennel Technician

I grew up in Puerto Rico, and discovered my love of animals when I was a kid, spending time on my Grandpa’s farm filled with different animals.

I have 3 dogs: Luna, a super crazy Yorkie who got her middle name of “Valentina” from her Valentine’s Day adoption date; Hershey, a Yorkie we adopted while in Puerto Rico; and Sophie, a sneaky dare-devil Yorkie who enjoys running out the front door if we leave it open too long. I also have a turtle named Michelangelo.

In my free time, I enjoy playing video games and hanging out with my girlfriend.

Victoria W / Kennel Technician

I grew up in Grapevine, and have always loved animals. My first job was a kennel tech position, and this concreted my decision to stay in the animal care field. I was in search of a place/job I belonged when CAC contacted me about their job opening. I was hired in 2018, and have found a place where I can be long term!

I have 2 dogs: a 1 year old GSD with a calm and quiet spirit named Artemis, who is always there to support me with my depression; and a 3 year old Yorkie named Raven, who has a loving personality full of attitude!

I love to stay active by taking walks at the lake, bike riding, going to the gym, driving, and going to concerts.

Melissa W / Kennel Technician

I grew up in Fort Worth. I’ve loved animals since I was a kid, and grew up with dogs. I volunteered at animal shelters while attending Texas A&M, and worked at Humane Society of North Texas for awhile, before deciding to look for a position at an animal clinic. I started @ CAC in April of ’17, and am currently attending Cedar Valley College to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician.

I have 2 dogs: Rylie, a 4 year old mix adopted from HSNT who loves to cuddle; and Luke, and 16 year old who’s named after Luke Skywalker.

I spend my free time reading, watching Netflix, hanging out with friends, and studying.

Brittany S / Receptionist

I was born and raised in Grand Prairie, and always had pets growing up. I could never decide if I wanted to be a nurse or work in the animal care field. After high school I found an opening at an animal clinic, and my journey started there! After moving to Bedford in 2018, I found CAC while looking for a clinic closer to me. They had great reviews, and were 5 minutes from home. I made the switch, and I really love it here!

We have a few family pets I grew up with, but my little Sasha is my first baby of my own. I rescued her from the shelter when she was 3 months old, covered in mange. The rest is history!

I spend most of my time with family, and if I’m not with them, I love doing Sudoku puzzles & watching Harry Potter.

Ashley C / Receptionist

I grew up in Colleyville, and graduated from Grapevine High School. I am currently working towards my double major in marketing and business, with emphasis on human resources.

I have always had a love for animals — a home is just a house without a pet! I have 1 cat, a male flame point Siamese named Russell.

I love to go hiking and paddleboarding. I also enjoy fitness and biking.

Jenni S / Receptionist

I grew up in Fort Worth, and have always had a passion for animals. Working at this clinic has given me the opportunity to love and care for many different pets.

I graduated with my Bachelor’s in psychology from Hardin-Simmons, and am currently working towards my BSN at UTA.

I have 1 “child”, a chubby little shih-tzu named Roman. He loves to cuddle and play with ONE toy – his bunny.

In my free time, I enjoy working out… haha NO! I read, go to the movies, play with my dog, and hangout with friends.

Sally P / Receptionist

I grew up in the North Dallas area, but moved to Mesquite to raise my family. I have always loved animals, and as a young child our family had many spoiled pets in our home. (chickens, ducks, cats, and dogs to name a few!) After retiring from a career at Southwest Airlines, I worked at a vet clinic in Mesquite, where I loved being around people and their pets.

I relocated to Fort Worth in 2014 after reconnecting with my high school sweetheart after 46 years. We married in 2014. Sadly, he passed away in 2017. I knew I wanted to work with animals again, and submitted my resume in CAC later that year. My blessing, they hired me Dec 2017. CAC is an answered prayer for me! I want to give love and compassion to all the precious “fur babies”, their owners, and everyone I have the pleasure to work with here at CAC.

I only have 1 pet at this time, a 14 year old Shih-tzu named Chewy. I call him my “little old man”. He likes to “root” in the bed or wherever he has blankets. It’s funny to see him making a little nest to curl up and snooze.

In my free time I love to travel and see new, exciting places. I enjoy laughing and spending time with family and friends. I relax by going to movies, playing games on my computer, and enjoying a glass of wine or frozen margarita. You say Italian or Mexican food, and I’m there!

Brooke B / Receptionist

I grew up in Colleyville, where I graduated from Grapevine High School in 2011. Growing up with a shar-pei and cocker spaniel really made my love for dogs blossom. (Black labs are also a favorite of mine.) My family have been clients @ CAC since ’97, so after having my daughter Kennedy and looking for a part time job, I couldn’t think of a better place for me. I started as a kennel technician in 2013, and then was promoted to receptionist in 2015. I’ve moved to part time hours now since I also work at Sedo Laser in Southlake as a Medical Aesthetician.

I sometimes feel like I have a zoo at my house! We have had our fair share of guinea pigs and a ferret, but currently have 3 dogs: Fraternal twin dogs named Buford and Annabelle, who were adopted from Longview Animal Shelter in 2013 (Buford has been my best bud ever since), and a bichon named Honey, who was adopted from Small Paws Bichon Rescue, a rescue group that works with CAC. We also have a napoleon munchkin cat named Strawberry, who is the absolute cutest and sweetest little short-legged fur baby, and a fish named David.

My daughter Kennedy has made life precious, and made being a soccer mom so much fun! We love strolling through Target to shop for un-essential items, napping, and eating Tex-Mex at Chuy’s. One of my guilty pleasures is watching Vanderpump Rules, Big Brother, or the Bachelor.

Erica H / Front Office Manager

I was born and raised in central Arkansas. My first “real” job was at a vet clinic, and I fell in love with the animal care field during my 18 months of employment there. When I had to relocate after marrying a TX boy, I knew I wanted to stay in the same field! I started working @ CAC in March of ’09, and have loved being a member of a fantastic health care team and continuously learning more about the field every day!

I’m the proud cat mommy to Olive, Kingsley, and Puddleglum. They spend their days shedding on mommy’s favorite couch, sitting on remotes at the most inconvenient times, and head-bumping mommy’s phone when it’s receiving more attention than they are.

I love reading, crocheting, crafting, knitting, and traveling as much as possible with best friend (and husband) Dan.

Jeska F / Veterinary Technician

I grew up in Oak Cliff, and graduated from the High School for Health Professionals Magnet. I have always loved animals, and 2 of my siblings are vet techs as well. I started working at CAC in ’04.

I have 3 rescue cats: Turtle, Leeloo Dallas Multipass, and Purrhana; and 3 rescue dogs: 2 pit mixes named Lady and Flour, and a bull terrier named Roux. They all keep us entertained for sure!

I enjoy spending time with my hubby Shan, cooking, baking, and gardening. Together, we have 2 “step-twins” named Avery and Brady.

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