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Laboratory Services

In-House Laboratory Processing in Colleyville TX

Some issues your pet could be facing cannot be seen on the surface and must be diagnosed through the evaluation of their system functions. Colleyville Animal Clinic offers in-house laboratory work so that we can get fast, reliable results that tell us how best to treat your pet’s condition.


Blood work can produce a number of different kinds of results that tell a veterinarian a great deal about the animal’s internal health. Drawing blood and performing several types of evaluations from the single extraction can uncover a plethora of information that tells the doctor how healthy or unhealthy the pet is and how each of his or her organs are functioning at the time of the test.

Other lab work includes examination of various fluids and substances collected from your pet with minimal invasion. Saliva, urine, and fecal matter can all be collected without any incision or needle prick and can be assessed to learn more about the well-being and condition of your pet at any given time. Checking your animal’s blood pressure can also determine whether or not medication is required to treat the pet. Fungal cultures can check for infections of fungus externally and internally, and parasites can be identified through laboratory test results.

Cancer Screening & Other Tests

Are you worried your pet may have cancer? Biopsies can reveal the malignancy of any perceived tumors. Colleyville Animal Clinic offers biopsy procedures to diagnose any potential threat to your pet’s life. If we find a growth that could be harmful to your pet, we will discuss surgical options for removal, as well as other treatments that may assist in restoring your pet’s health. Other standard tests include screening for rabies, tear tests, urinalysis, glucose testing, and more. If you feel something is just not right with your pet but cannot identify any visible signs, call Colleyville Animal Clinic to schedule an appointment. Lab work may reveal what is bothering your furry friend so that we may begin treatment immediately.